We are a young company specialized in handicraft production of liqueurs from fruits and herbs typical of Campania.
Created with the objective of instilling in our products unique scents and tastes, we want to ensure high quality levels, characterized by an exclusively handmade, which aims to arrive at a niche market.
The company's choice is to use local raw materials and enhance the natural environment.
One of the products more attractive is the liquor of "lemon", widely known as "Limoncello", obtained infusion of freshly picked lemon peel.
The flavors of Campania are also found in the liquor of "basil", "bay"and "mandarin", these with methods developed hand made, in accordance with traditional recipes that are part of our tradition.
Production is characterized by citrus and wildlife products for which direct funding guarantees, the final result, the most natural.
The preparation of liqueurs, hand made, the following four key points:

1) collect accurate and careful selection of raw materials (lemons, tangerines, etc. ..);
2) soaking in alcohol of the same (approximately 15 days.)
3) filtering the infusion and mixing with other ingredients. (procedure followed by the packaging);
4) strict control of liquor before the final placing on the market.