A careful selection of the tender leaves of bay comes the scent of the delicate flavor Liquor, "Laurel" to CAPRINATURA
Light, Mediterranean perfume, liquor, "Laurel" CAPRINATURA is produced according to family traditions and using local raw materials of the highest quality, which grow wild in our land.

By slow infusion of bay leaves in pure alcohol is extracted the essence of this liquor. The infusion thus obtained, mixed with a sugar solution, no added colors or preservatives, is ready to be bottled.

The liquor bay has a pleasant aroma and flavor.
Ideal served cold, is a superb digestive after a meal.
No coloring or preservatives. Sediment that may be attributed to the genuineness of the product

Ingredients: Alcohol, Bay leaves, Sugar, Water.
Properties: digestive
Information on production and production method: infusion in water-alcohol solution of the best bay leaves, no added colors or preservatives
Serving suggestions: Plain, frozen in cocktails can enrich the color and aroma of other drinks.
Origin: Campania - Italy
Alcohol content: 32% vol.
Bottle: 50 cl.