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Basil, a precious element of Mediterranean cuisine, pleasant aroma and contains considerable virtue healthy. The liquor "Basil" of CAPRINATURA, fresh taste and intense flavor, keeps intact the taste and freshness of the plant .. Viene produced by an infusion of leaves of basil idralcolica immersed in solution and then filtered.

Served cold, after a meal is a good digestive.

No coloring or preservatives. Sediment that may be attributed to the genuineness of the product

Ingredients: Alcohol, basil leaves, Sugar, Water.
Properties: digestive and refreshing
Information on production and production method: infusion in water-alcohol solution of the best basil leaves, no added colors or preservatives
Serving suggestions: Plain, frozen in cocktails can enrich the color and aroma of other drinks.
Origin: Campania - Italy
Alcohol content: 32% vol.
Bottle: 50 cl.