Mandarin, Mediterranean vegetation is renowned worldwide for the 'intensity of aroma and sweetness of its fruits, is the main ingredient of the liqueur "tangerine" in Caprinatura.
The best of our mandarin fruit is peeled by hand to preserve intact the aromas and flavors contained in their skins. The same are then placed in infusion of pure alcohol for several days. Subsequently, the infusion is filtered, and supplemented by the addition of water and sugar to obtain a water-alcohol solution of 32 °. Liquor, intense orange color, is characterized by a strong and pungent taste and a full, mellow flavor intense.

The right balance between alcohol content and aroma of scented mandarins
freshly picked, and fills our liquor "Mandarin" CAPRINATURA a very distinctive flavor.
Serve chilled, at any time of day but is especially recommended after meals for its digestive properties.
No coloring or preservatives. Sediment that may be attributed to the genuineness of the product.

Ingredients: Alcohol, tangerine peels, sugar, water.
Properties: digestive and refreshing
Information on production and production method: infusion in water-alcohol solution of best-peel mandarins, no added colors or preservatives
Serving suggestions: Plain, frozen cocktails, it can enrich the color and aroma of other drinks in the kitchen and be used on ice cream, the fruit salad and pastries
Origin: Campania - Italy
Alcohol content: 32% vol.
Bottle: 50 cl.